SmartProgress – Service to help achieve desired goals


The slowest, who does not lose sight of his goal, will always outstrip himwho wanders aimlessly. (Gothold Lessing)

Service to achieve goals

How often do you catch yourself thinking that it is time to do something long-planned? It is not that you have to take out stagnant garbage or to nail a shelf onto the wall, I’m talking about broad-scale things. For someone, such a large-scale task could be starting-up a business, for others – a move to another country, or seeking a life partner. Whatever the global goal can be, its biggest problem is the immensity.

How can we get at the achievement of our desired goals, from which side can we approach the task to be completed? These questions arise only when you look at the goal at large, but as soon as you split it into pieces, everything becomes logical and clear. For many people, the breakdown of their goal into the composite can be a dead lift, and here other people’s experiences may come to the rescue.

It is important to understand that there are very few pioneer explorers in the world. It was laborious for Gagarin, who was the first to experience outrageous g-forces and who survived, other astronauts used his experience; it was hard for the prehistoric man who found himself face to face with a saber-toothed tiger, then later, his descendants were able to defend against them with fire and primitive weapons. In the modern world we live on benefits and experience gained by previous generations, most of the problems being already solved by someone else; at the same time, your own life experience is also unique, and you can share it with the one who doesn’t have such.

One day, thinking about it, we decided to create a resource where you can share your experience. We set our mind on gathering at one platform absolutely different people, united by one idea – the actualization of their goals and objectives. The essence of the project is:


With SmartProgress you can map out your goal by SMART criteria, split it into small steps and sub-steps. By doing this, you will clearly see your further actions. Keeping a diary will help you remain focused on the goal.


It’s very hard for you alone to analyze all at once and understand how to move further, and we often resort to advice from outside.

Each participant has his own experience. Discussing your goals and commenting on others, we are bound to find the right solution.


The goal is set, solution stages are found, what’s next? Then it’s up to you.

It would be naive to believe that tomorrow a jinn will arrive and do all the work. We, in our turn, will remind you of your goals and help to find fellow-thinkers.